Naši lektoři / our teachers

angličtina rodilí mluvčíNaši lektoři

jsou rodilí mluvčí z Anglie, Německa, Španělska, Francie, České Republiky, Ruska a dalších zemí. Lektora vybíráme osobně, po dlouhém pohovoru a tento výběr pro náš tým není omezený pouze na certifikaci, TEFL nebo vyšší je samozřejmostí, ale velkou roli hraje praxe, zkušenosti, osobnost lektora a flexibilita. Většina z našich lektorů žije trvale, nebo dlouhodobě v Praze. Nenajímáme lektory, kteří berou Prahu jako přestupní stanici do dalších zemí.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are mainly native speakers from England, Germany, Spain, France, The Czech Republic, Russia and other countries. The selection process for our native speaking teachers is a comprehensive round of interviews, focusing not only on their experience but also their personality, flexibility and general outlook towards teaching. Our teachers hold a TEFL or equivalent certification and/or a higher teaching qualification and most have many years’ experience in teaching a foreign language. Once a teacher has accepted a position s/he is continually assessed. Most are permanent or long term members within the Prague community.  We do not hire teachers who take Prague as a transfer station to other destinations.

Interested in working for us?

What you need to have as a teacher

  • intention of staying long term
  • a certificate level TEFL  qualification
  • a minimum of three years TEFL teaching experience
  • a degree or equivalent qualification
  • flexibility
  • a mature and open personality
  • reliability
The work and premises
You will be expected to teach all levels, in what we call a normal teaching day. Our earliest classes may start at 7.00am, and the latest finish at 9pm. Most lessons take place in the clients’ offices.
What’s at the premises
  • teacher’s area
  • kitchen, free tea/coffee
  • computers + Wi-Fi
  • photocopiers and printers
  • resource files
  • extensive library
How to apply
If you are interested in a position at the British Academy, please, send us your CV and cover letter in English or Czech along with any questions you may have. Via email to